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The Magic Roundabout
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

Dougal, Florence, Zebedee and the gang are here in the Magic Garden, with Dougal, guided by you, trying to collect sugar lumps to build a house.

Fail to find the sugar lumps and push them to the toadstool, and the demented hound falls asleep. The train can transport twelve lumps, but only when met at the station. The snag to all this is that if Dougal runs into the other characters, his nose is damaged and he is unable to find sugar.

What a great idea! And what a great disappointment in terms of graphics and control. Although said to be Kempston compatible, my joystick would not respond properly. When I used the keys, I found that Dougal went left and right OK. When I wanted him to go up and down, instead of reorienting himself north-south and then moving off, he moved sideways up and down the screen!

Add to this the crude definition of the graphics, and monochrome renditions of the other characters, and the result just isn't up to the latest standards. In fact, it's not as good as some games that only cost £1.99!


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