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Braxx Bluff
By Micromega
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

This is a mixture of interactive story and arcade games. You are the pilot of a rescue vessel sent to fast ailing crew of a previous mission. Your task has five phases: Lander, Walker, Land-Crawler, Sea-Crawler and return to Mother Ship.

A series of weird noises and unfamiliar screens shows Micromega's anti-copy loader working. It seems to take an age, but the graphics are superb when they arrive. The mother ship hovers over you. Define your keys/joystick, then listen to the music... it's really catchy! Dive down through the atmosphere of the planet, graphically stunning, but you'll be too intent on your instrument to see that much, which is sad because the 3D runway is quite something. Odds on you won't make it first time.

When you do save your game to tape, it only takes a second, because as you start the walker phase you'll be attached by a large and nasty creature! Get killed, and you're back to the beginning... unless you did save your game.

Graphics, sound and player facilities are all of extra quality here. It's really quite outstanding, with an intriguing plot.


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