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By Software Projects
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

Is it up to the standard of Manic Miner? Yes! Is it attractive? Yes again!

A meteor storm has shattered your space freighter, and spread cargo all over the planet CS. You guide your astronaut in collecting these resource blocks, delivering them to the matter transporter pads at the base of each screen, then on to the next screen. Aliens in many various forms assail you. The only weapons you have are some delayed action bombs.

This is a platform-type game. The difference is that you cannot jump or boost upward, you must time your arrival over an erupting volcano in order to reach the heights. Several moving platforms help or hinder you at various stages. Timing and planning are more critical than usual.

Demo mode, hi-score, excruciating sound and joystick control are all here, together with the facility to jump into any screen.

The smoothness and detail of the graphics is superb; more and better aliens than ever. The differences in control and the execution of the concept, in addition to unusual layouts make this a must.


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