Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.C.
Publisher: Lyndenhurst Ltd
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

Infuriating and addictive for the same reason - I can't do it! A simple idea: guide Happy Larry to ticking bomb before its counter reaches zero or die in a spectacular explosion.

The screen display is alternate green squares, erased as you travel, with Demon Skulls (avoid) and flags (extra points) scattered around, plus a mobile purple Bovver Boot, determined to stomp you. Defuse Bomb One and the next appears, usually in the most inconvenient place.

You can travel off-screen and reappear the opposite side, but only if there is a green square left to receive you.


Keys J and K reprint squares to left or right, when desperate, but helps Boot. Clearing four bombs reaches screen two - two Boots to contend with! How many bombs in this screen, or how many more screens I can't say because the Terrible Twins catch me every time!

Keys A, Z, N and M cover directions and Kempston joystick is supported. Insert instructions are concise, typeface readable and the program tests for the correct loading volume.

A most professional product. If I can stop playing this, I shall be looking out for other Lyndenhurst programs.


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