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Home Computing Weekly

The German Master Levels A And B
By Kosmos
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

Let's state straight away that this is a vocabulary drilling program and therefore will be derided by some as uninventive and boring. I have said the same but, in language learning, drill or rote learning has a major role.

You do need to know what the words are before you can use them properly and for this reason these programs will be valuable to those just starting or struggling. It's rather like having a patient brother/sister to help you with your vocabulary homework just when you like.

The other things which set these programs above some others are: the ability to program in your own data sets and the use of colour to signify gender. Each package consists of a loader followed by 16 data files of words within board subject bands such as "Family", "Furniture" and "Numbers". The difference between 'Level A' and 'Level B' is simply the datafiles enclosed.

Nearly £20 is a lot for the two data file sets and the loader. Most would prefer to pay, say £15 for a complete package.


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