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Attack Of The Mutant Camels
By Llamasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #10

"Earth has been invaded by 90-ft high, laser spitting, neutronium shielded death camels." This is the awesome enemy you must battle with in this fast-moving, colourful game in which you pilot a small jet and attempt to wear down the camels' shields and "destabilise" them.

On loading, there appears an impressive animated introduction offering various skill options including a two-player game. Pressing the fire button transports you to a desert landscape on a starry background, where large camels clump noisily towards you rather like the Landwalkers in The Empire Strikes Back.

You have to hit the camels with a repeating missile gun while dodging the squealing bombs from their mouths. As you score more hits on a camel, it will turn various dazzling colours before pulsing into oblivion.

Should you succeed in destroying a wave of the beasts, you then enter Trans-sector Hyperwarp, and you must dodge white spiralling rockets as the landscape flashes past at incredible speed. If however the camels reach your end of the sector, you lose the game.

Quite simply a very good game. Sound and graphics are excellent, documentation and instructions are clear, and the action is fast and furious. To play it is to appreciate it. The only criticism could be that it is perhaps a little too difficult!