Monopole (Rabbit) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Rabbit
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #20

One of the advantages of a large amount of memory is that very long programs can be used to give greater detail to games. This package, an implementation of the classic Monopoly, is such a game, and a very impressive one.

Every feature of the popular board game is reproduced in a colourful and imaginative version which takes all the strain, but none of the enjoyment out of playing.

Complete records of all Title Deeds are available for buying, selling, mortgaging and builing is provided. The board itself is a complete Monopoly board drawn out on the screen in full colour, with dice thrown, counters moved and cards taken automatically.

Sound and graphics are used splendidly, with realistically whistling trains at stations and an alarming police siren which heralds your incarceration in jail!

Even optional rules such as the Auction rule and Free Parking Jackpot are catered for. The only way to realise how complete the game is must be in playing. Unfortunately, only two players can play at a time.

Although written in Basic, the game does not suffer from lack of speed, and the imaginative graphics and sound make for an extremely enjoyable play. In my opinion, this is a must for all Commodore 64 owners, and will surely convert many newcomers into Monopoly addicts!


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