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Jokers Wild
By Phoenix
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Personal Computer News #059


Phoenix continue their interesting policy of offering one action and one adventure cassette in the same package, success at the first bringing you the running code you need to play the second. The settings this time is a funfair.

In the arcade-style action you collect four playing cards from the corners of a grid and deposit them in a box in the middle while a number of knaves whizz round trying to prevent you. At the end of each skill level you're given a clue for the adventure, and at the end of the fourth you're given the running code, though there are still three more skill levels if you want to continue playing. Armed only with a pack of cards you then step into the funfair, which is of course manned by our intergalactic enemies whose idea of fun is to capture people's souls. You have to put a stop to this naughtiness.

Much as I enjoyed the action, the adventure proved a welcome haven of peace and quiet. You are set down outside the Bunko Booth, whatever that is, and have only a pack of cards with you, plus the clues you've earned from the action.

Jokers Wild

You explore the funfair, trying to find a way in to see people like the Fortune Teller and the Bearded Lady, and naturally you're collecting objects as you go.

Initially the adventure seems fairly easy and you can amass a great number of objects, but then you begin to run up against problems that will be familiar to seasoned adventurers, like how do you get past an elephant standing in your way?

I preferred this to Phoenix's earlier Death Mines Of Sirus for the Dragon, though I think its main appeal will be to the arcade buff who also wants a little fun from an adventure you don't need to be a genius to get into.

Geof Wheelwright

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