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River Rescue
By Thorn EMI
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #058


One or two players can show off their speedboat skills by rescuing a bunch of Dr. Livingstones stranded in the jungle. Navigating a patrol boat along a narrow river, you must pick up lost explorers from one bank and set them down on another. Hazards include crocodiles, islands, sandbanks and mines dropped by enemy planes.

You can shoot the mines and crocs - firing at anything else is a waste of time. Up to two players can take part, each with five boats - joysticks are optional. There is only one skill level.

A bird's eye view of the scene shows a blue river running from left to right, with green banks on either side. Your patrol boat is a black, sleek craft which moves up and down, left and right but can only travel at one speed.

The screen scrolls rapidly to the left, giving the impression that the boat is ploughing along the river. Black crocodiles, jaws snapping, are soon encountered - they can be shot or dodged. Floating islands and sandbanks sink your vessel on contact.

The rescue point is indicated by red jetties; docking is accomplished by pulling in beside one.

If you dock at a jetty on the north bank, a tiny figure runs out and jumps into the boat. Dock at a south jetty and any passengers leap off.

Depositing six or more explorers at one time results in a pair of piers ahead, and steering through them earns a bonus boat. Dumping nine passengers earns you a bonus score.

The single skill level means the interest of the challenge does wear thin. River Rescue is reasonable to start with, but not enough to pull you back again and again.

Geof Wheelwright

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