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It's Only Rock 'N Roll/Tomb Of Dracula
By K-Tel
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #059


The A side of this tape is a simulation in which you play the part of a rock group - yes, all on your own - and must earn 1m and collect three status symbols to show you've made it to the top. B side is a Hunt The Wumpus type of game in which you must plot your path through the grid making up Dracula's Tomb, with simple graphics of the zombies and ghouls you might meet on the way.

The A side is thankfully better, and first thing you must do is provide a name for your rock formation. I settled on the obvious, The Spectrums, chose from the three skill levels and then viewed the initial Status Report. This shows your managerial status, royalty rate if you have a recording contract, cash in the bank and time elapsed.

The main menu shows the type of options you will be dealing with: write a song, tour, consult your manger, buy a status symbol, make a record or rest. The first major problem, after you've got yourself a manager and a recording contract, is to gain enough popularity so that the recording company will finance you. You start off busking to earn a little money, and can then proceed to pub gigs and club performances.

K-Tel made their name from re-packaging record hits, but they won't repeat that success in the micro market by putting out mediocre software like this.

Geof Wheelwright

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