Personal Computer News

By Joe the Lion
Spectrum 16K

Published in Personal Computer News #058


You're in a fixed-shape maze, only part of which appears on the screen, and scattered around are ten carrots which you must eat to progress to the next level. Eating ten raw carrots is preferable to being eaten by the black rabbits who are after blue Bimbo.

The game is well-designed, but limited. You start at the centre with a black rabbit hot on your fluffy little tail... well, it would be if you had a tail, the rabbits being represented by mobile heads. At the top of the screen is a row of five heads: your remaining lives. You get an extra life every 10,000 points.

At the top left is the latest device no rabbit should be without. Not a video or an electric toothbrush, but a radar of the whole maze, with dots indicating where the carrots are, and flashing dots showing for the rabbits. Other features of the maze are pieces of clover, which you don't have to eat but give you extra energy if you do, as will the carrots. There's no indication of how you're doing for energy. There are pits, which are easy to spot but still claim the occasional panicky rabbit victim.


After the first level the number of black rabbits increases by one each time, except that every fourth level you're spared the pursuers but have to battle on a time trial to collect all the carrots.

The major drawback is the jerky movement of the maze.

Good fun in a limited way, but probably one of those games that's hare today, gone tomorrow.

Geof Wheelwright

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