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Home Computing Weekly

By IMS Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

"Develop spelling, reading and vocabulary skills". Suitable for ages five to 12, covers: Simple three-letter blends, initial consonant blends, final long vowel, silent 'e' rule, confusable vowel combinations, initial consonant diagraphs, initial and final consonant combinations, 'al' as 'aw', confusable endings, suffix 'er' irregular sounds: with 12 word-lists.

A pre-selected word-list covering an area of difficulty is loaded, the display shows certain fixed letters intermingled with vertical, movable bands of vowels, consonants or the alphabet, i.e. The child cursor moves the first vowel 'a' into position, and then moves the alphabet. When he recognises a word, he presses Enter. If right, he gets a tick, a "yes" and a little head climbing a score pole, otherwise "not found" and "x". Number of words findable is displayed and Help shows unfound words.

Side 2 allows you to compile your own word-lists.

Getting to the Main program without the long, two letter words demo seems impossible.


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