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Chuckie Egg
By A 'n F
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

A game for one to four players. There's no joystick capability, but provision for three sets of movement keys, including defining your own.

Pause and Abort functions are built in.

You have five lives for the whole game and, if you run out of time with lives remaining, your get another chance to complete the level.

Chuckie Egg

You, the tubby little yellow farmer in the big hat, must climb the ladders, jump gaps, avoid blue geese and collect eggs by stepping on them! Presumably you like omelettes.

Levels become progressively difficult - more eggs and geese, a more intricate layout, and the appearance of elevators requiring careful timing and luck to negotiate.

I found level three particularly difficult, as the jump key seems to produce random height variations. So I have only reached level four once, without enough lives to even get started, and there may be further levels.

There is a time and running score display, if you dare to look at it, and a Hall of Fame.

I did find the musical interludes annoying after a while but on the whole it's a most enjoyable fun game and very addictive, if a trifle pricey. Try it.


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