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Home Computing Weekly

Master Tool Kit
By Oxford Computer Publishing
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

Most toolkits provide Renumber, Merge, Delete, Move or Copy Lines, Rem Kill, Search/Find and Substitute Strings, Variable Listing, Trace, Change of Case and Memory Free. Mine does all this in 357 bytes, so what extra does OCP offer that takes up 7Y2K?

The clock/alarm and graphic memory map can be erased giving back 600 bytes. LIST, cd and Syntax Check and already available in BASIC, although Syntax here adjusts hidden binary forms and may decide to replace your repeated constants with variables, possibly a mixed blessing.

Change RAMTOP without Variable loss and Error Trap are useful although I'm undecided about the Function Keys.

The "Star" features - Pack and Compress - claiming savings of up to 20 per cent of program length, with flow preserved - are a Catch 22. Toolkit in and hogging the last 7.5K, you can't get near memory end, when they would be useful. And, being only useable on fully debugged, working programs, and unalterable afterwards, any space saved cannot be used.


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