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Home Computing Weekly

Time Tutor
By Maple Leaf Microware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

The documentation for this educational utility is the cassette inlay, containing all necessary operating instructions. The program teaches Time at four levels: o'clock, quarter hours, minutes past and to the hour, and minutes past for the full hour. Each tutorial is followed by a quiz, and the lesson is then re-presented or advanced to the next level.

Graphics are slow but effective, with a tidy display of both analogue and digital representations of time. Clues are given as to the number of digits in an answer, helpful for the child who is unsure.

There is one small fault. The wording of the information provided on-screen is too advanced for the smaller child; at times the level of English employed seemed more suited to a young teenager. All in all, this is very useful for the parent searching for educational software which will make the computer more than just a toy.


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