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Home Computing Weekly

Kippy's Nightmare
By Data Force

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

This machine code game comes complete with an introduction using the Terminal Emulator II and its own high-speed loader.

Documentation is adequate, if a little confusing, consisting as it does of Extended Basic instructions and a short addendum for the Mini-Memory.

The game is confusing, too, throwing you in the deep end. The aim is to guide Kippy around a grid, using either the keyboard or the joysticks, in an attempt to cage up to six monsters, using Poofers (No, not poofters!).

I don't know what they are either. They appear to be some kind of time-bomb, counting down from eight to one on screen and then going POOF.

When Kippy walks on the grid, he lights up dots, across which the monsters cannot pass of their own volition, although they can push one another across. The restrictive powers of these dots wane though, so beware.

The game ends when Kippy has been caught by the monsters five times.


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