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Home Computing Weekly

Martian Monsters
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

The title of Martian Monsters has nothing to do with this Donkey-Kong lookalike.

There are the usual ladder-linked levels, the object to be rescued by you in your spaceship is a man. The only obstacles are the Androids, who are the Monsters in question, and who chase you around the screen.

The game is one of strategy, as the number of homing androids increases with the number of men rescued, and some nifty footwork is necessary to avoid annihilation.

Directional control is achieved through the keyboard's E, S, D and X, and there are three lives.

One peculiarity is that if caught while carrying a man, and with lives remaining sufficient to continue, you will still be carrying that man and must finish the rescue before returning to attempt another.

Documentation is sparse but sufficient, and the speed is reasonable considering the deficiencies of TI Basic, but this seems to be at the expense of adequate keyboard "debouncing". The level of difficulty increases gently, and this game would be suitable for all but the younger child.


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