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Home Computing Weekly

Galactic Zoo-Keeper
By Microsonic

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

Numbering a few zoo-keepers among my friends, I was intrigued by this game, expecting it to perhaps deal with animal conservation on a cosmic scale, or at least to elevate the general awareness of society against animals.

Not so. The game is rather disappointing, and considering the size of the listing and time to load, achieves very little, relying mainly on setting the player boring, difficult and unrewarding tasks.

Documentation exists as the first of two programs, informing you of your task to rescue an animal supposedly at risk and apparently similar to a dragon.

Watchdogs, stun mines, an "invisable" (sic) maze, and cages are the obstacles in your path. You have five lives, but they are not really enough considering the poor response of they keyboard scans. Although the idea of giving the user instructions via a separate program is, in this field, novel, it isn't particularly helpful as you have to make notes to use while playing. Games program written in TI Basic are of necessity limited, and this program is no exception.


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