Amstrad Action

The Flintstones

Author: GBH
Publisher: Grandslam
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #35

The Flintstones

Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are looking forward to the final of the Bedrock Super Bowl tomorrow. Unfortunately for Fred his mother-in-law is due to arrive the same say and his wife, Wilma, says that he must paint the living room. Wilma is going out and so Fred has to babysit too.

There are four stages to the game: painting, the journey, bowling and the rescue. Fred is armed with a paintbrush, a ladder and plenty of paint and all he has to do is to paint the wall before Wilma returns. But his daughter, Pebbles, has a tendency to escape from her playpen and draw on the wall. The only way to stop Pebbles is by catching her and putting her back in the Playpen. When you pick up Pebbles you have to put down the brush, which happens to be a small furry creature with ideas of freedom.

If you do manage to paint the wall then it's off to the bowling alley. The road to the alley is rough and one of the rear wheels falls off when it hits a bump. Fred has to jack the car up and replace the wheel. The third stage is a bowling competition between Fred and Barney. After the contest Fred returns home to find that Pebbles has escaped and gone into a building site. She's high up on the girders and Fred must rescue her.

The Flintstones

Fans of the cartoon will recognise the theme tune on the title screen and another tune plays throughout the game. But there are no sound effects. The graphics are detailed, but it's a pity there's not much colour. The pace is slow and the game itself is too easy. Younger readers may enjoy it for a while, but older ones may not find enough to challenge them.

First Day Target Score

Complete part two.

Second Opinion

Well, it's not going to win many prizes, but I quite like it, and I'm not a 'younger reader'! Definitely one to try before you buy.

Green Screen View

The Flintstones

Dur, Ok Fred.

The Verdict

Graphics 69%
P. Detailed and well animated characters.
P. Colour is not used to its full potential.

Sonics 58%
P. Great title tune.
N. In-game tune slow and depressing.

The Flintstones

Grab Factor 54%
P. Nice opening sequence of Fred leaving work.
N. Messages in speech bubbles take too iong to disappear.

Staying Power 46%
P. Pace is far too slow and you'll end up dying of boredom.

Overall 49%
P. Strictly for younger readers.


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