Amstrad Action

Skate Crazy

Author: GBH
Publisher: Gremlin
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #37

Skate Crazy

You have skateboarded. You have biked. You have even scootered. But this is the first time that there has been a roller-skating game. Not only that: you get two games for your money - car park challenge and the championship course.

Car park challenge is set (go on, guess!) in a multi-storey car park. Each level is set out with cones, cans, ramps, tyres and boxes. Arrows are painted on the floor to guide you around the course.

The car park is viewed from slightly above ground level, with you in the centre of the screen Four judges sit at the bottom of the screen watching to see how well you do. Each is looking for a different thing: overall skating, course, jumping from ramps and jumping from the floor. Overall skating includes jump landings and backwards skating.

Skate Crazy

The course judge keeps track of the time between gates and of how many cans you knock over: the more the better. Judge number three studies your jumping from ramps and scores you on the complexity and variety of stunts you execute and the floor jumping judge does the same for jumps from the ground. After you complete the course, the judges score you. If you score high enough then you go onto the next course and if you don't you'll have to try again.

Your view point in the championship course has changed completely to a side view of the skater. Your task this time is to reach the end of the level avoiding the many hazards.

Bonus points can be gained by collecting some of the objects that litter the humpy landscape. Colliding with the scenery knocks you over and, after you've been hit several times, you lose a life. Lives are also lost if you fall into the water.

Skate Crazy

Both the eight way scrolling in car park challenge and the horizontal scrolling in the championship course are smooth-ish and fast. The graphics are a bit on the chunky side, but colour is used well. A frenetic tune plays throughout the car park challenge and sound effects in both are good, if a little on the rare side.

Neither game in itself is particularly spectacular, but combine rather nicely. Both lose out on difficulty: they're too hard until you've played them a lot and learnt how to perform stunts and negotiate the hazards successfully. All in all, a genuine first-class Gremlin goodie.

Second Opinion

Makes a pleasant change from endlessly shooting and chopping things. It's a racing game that's actually been quite well done and I had a few moments of fun playing it.

Skate Crazy

I'm a bit doubtful about its long term appeal but the game is of a standard that merits interest.

First Day Target Score

Complete level one of car park challenge

Green Screen View

No problems.


Skate Crazy

Graphics 69%
P. Smooth scrolling in both games.
P. Bright and colourful graphics.

Sonics 53%
P. Good continuous tune in car park challenge.

Grab Factor 74%
P. One of those games that demands you play it just one more time.
N. Frustrating until you work out how to get a decent score for jumping.

Staying Power 66%
P. Plenty of levels to work through...
N. ...but not a game that you'll come back to after completing it.

Overall 70%
If what we've told you suggests it's for you - it is for you!


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