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Home Computing Weekly

Software Star
By Addictive Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

This is the latest offering from Kevin Toms, who gave you Football Manager. It's a simulation of running a software house and developing new games and selling the old ones.

Paying staff, duplicating tapes, developing games, are costs beyond your control. To achieve greater efficiency you can discipline staff or offer incentives, and choose how many pages of advertising per month. You can also decide whether to use hype or honesty as the means of promoting your company's image. This may not work. You can alter sales strategy or launch a new game, but this costs money, and the quicker you launch it, the lower its quality.

At the end of each month, you get the software charts with unit sales shown against targets, and the balance sheet. You either increase your overdraft or make money accordingly. There are some excruciating puns in the chart!

Nice presentation, good fun, but needs more of the cost elements under player control. Not as challenging as other simulations, and rather overpriced for what it is.


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