Home Computing Weekly

White Lightning

Author: D.M.
Publisher: Oasis
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

This is *not* a games designer program, but a complete development system. White Lightning appears to have no limitations. The demo tape shows huge, neatly defined and coloured sprites (shapes) moving at a variety of speeds, some lightning fast, rotating, rising, falling and accelerating in a professional, flicker free manner.

The manual explains that is a suite of programs to design sprites, and manipulate them on the screen. Using the Z80's interrupt facilities, two actions can take place simultaneously, by accessing the animation language IDEAL. This can be done from Basic whilst you become familiar with it. The really professional effects are produced by using Spectra Forth, which is included, and which you need to learn.

So what's the advantage? White Lightning is easier to learn, and when learnt, all the routines are available. You don't have to write them for yourself before getting on with the games design. You are free to publish games written using this package, so all you need for professional games production is this small amount of money, time and imagination! Very impressive.


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