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By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

The insert says this is a fast-action game that talks. If this is the sort of game you are after then keep on looking.

The object is to launch your shuttle from its underground silo and destroy as many sputniks as possible before returning to base. You have no weapon although the sputniks can shoot at you. The way to capture them is to land on them or to boost up from below. Avoid the cosmic cloud.

At the start there is a shuttle control display when you can test your joystick. There are two difficulty factors of tie and fuel. Once you have successfully launched your shuttle and after each screen, an in-flight report shows such things as height, speed, fuel and time left.

I have not yet managed to translate all the speech that is generated during the game. I can only distinguish simple phrases such as ready and OK.

Adequate instructions are included in a booklet and I had no difficulty in loading. This is not a game that appeals to me.


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