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Home Computing Weekly

By J. Morrison Micros
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #38

You are the hero in search of the Holy Grail and you have to overcome seven increasingly difficult stages to achieve your goal.

On the first level, you are faced with the task of climbing steps to reach the top of a wall, jumping over lethal scorpions as you go.

Once this is achieved the graphics move smoothly to show the flat wall top. Those scorpions still keep coming. Safely at the other side, the next task glides into view.

There is a large gap in the wall which you must negotiate by jumping up to catch a hook which moves across the top of the screen. Failure means a watery death. I could not get beyond this level despite determined efforts.

The display goes into idle if you fail to initiate the next game. It makes it all look very easy and I got a glimpse of level four. This is another large gap in the wall, which the unfortunate hero has to cross, aided by columns, which move up and down in the water.

The cassette is well packaged in a sort of mini video container. Minimal on-screen instructions - they're all on the insert though.


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