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Home Computing Weekly

By Microdeal
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

A machine code graphic game for up to two players.

The object is to traverse the mazes, collecting treasure and keys and gain the secrets of the touchstone. The 11 levels consist of four distinct mazes, each about six screens long - providing a mammoth task.

Treasures are located in various chambers and high scores are acquired if you collect them. Keys are needed to open the doors towards the end of each maze.


There are zoom chambers to move you vertically. Five different monsters chase you. Luckily, you are equipped with a light ray which shoots from your eyes. Unfortunately, you can only shoot horizontally and the nasties have a habit of landing on your head if you're not careful.

The screen is divided into two parts, the top being devoted to scores, etc. The lower part is the maze window which shows a screen full of the current maze.

There are many other features in this complex but thoroughly enjoyable adventure. Excellent graphics; I particularly liked the squirming snakes. One of those "must have one more try" games.


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