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Home Computing Weekly

The Cricklewood Incident
By Salamander
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

As bored millionaire Arnold Q. Volestrangler you set out from your padded cell to find the Holy Grail in this machine code adventure.

The screen display shows you where you are, which direction you can go, how much money you have, your state of health and articles of possible interest.

You need money to purchase things and pay for rides on buses and trains. You only begin with a few pence and need to obtain more. My poor character kept getting mugged and was permanently penniless despite being a millionaire. If your health deteriorates you get whisked off to hospital. There are all sorts of nasty people about to thwart your quest. There are some nice sound effects though. I particularly like the police siren.

The insert containing the instructions is not very helpful. It is up to you to discover, if you can, exactly what is possible. Thankfully, if you get hopelessly stuck you can send for a help sheet and save it meanwhile.

Directions must be shortened to one letter. The other instructions, input as a verb and a noun, can be shortened to three letters.


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