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Home Computing Weekly

By Tom Mix
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

This package consists of four subgames for one or two players which must be successfully completed before you can move to the next level.

Each player starts with four lives. Between subgames a selection board is displayed for choice of game. Apparently, you can use the right or left joystick, although I found I could use only the right one.

The four games are: Prachnid, in which you must reach your transporter in the centre of the screen before you are shot or before time runs out.

Beam Buggy, in which your buggy and the computer's leave vapour trails. The first buggy to crash into these loses.

Maze in which your tank must try to hit the computers three times before they destroy you.

Force Field, in which you are trapped in a cylinder with a collapsing roof. You must shoot your way through before you are crushed to death.

Scores vary for each game. Extra lives are awarded if you reach certain scores.

Not very impressive graphics or games. Loading seemed to take a long time.


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