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Katerpillar 2
By Tom Mix
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

A machine code arcade game in which you contend with Katerpillars, beetles and scorpions. This game is for one or two players using joysticks.

Each player starts with three bases. Your base is postioned near the bottom of the screen and a multitude of mushrooms are scattered all around you. These cannot damage you but you can destroy them. Katerpillars descend from the top of the screen and you can hit their head or body segments. Once hit, these segments turn into mushrooms. If you do not completely destroy a Katerpillar before it reaches the bottom of the screen, it starts to ascend and regenerates with head segments appearing at an ever increasing rate.

Beetles appear at frequent intervals leaving a trail of mushrooms behind them. You can destroy a beetle by hitting it twice. The mushroom-wating tarantula appears at random, as do the scorpions.

If all the segments of a Katerpillar are destroyed then you move on to the next difficulty level and the next Katerpillar.

The screen presentation is very good. The program loaded with no major problems. An enjoyable game which I shall certainly be playing again.


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