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Galax Attack
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

A machine code arcade game which to my mind closely resembles Space Invaders.

The enemy space craft progress in formation from the top of the screen dropping bombs as they go. If you do not shoot them first they can leave the formation to attack you. Movement to left and right is controlled by the joystick and the fire button shoots the missiles. There is nowhere to hide on the screen. You must keep on shooting and running until all your lives are lost.

The aliens come in three varieties. The score for each is doubled if you can hit it once it has left the formation.

Galax Attack

Bonus points are awarded if a formation is completely destroyed. Another wave then appears. An extra ship is gained for every six convoys destroyed.

The screen display is adequate if unexciting. One of the aliens looks to me like a flying bowtie. The game loaded without any problems. The packaging is elaborate and concise instructions come in a small booklet.

A reasonable game of Space Invaders but I have seen more interesting versions.


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