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Home Computing Weekly

El Bandito
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

The unlikely hero of this amusing game is an ant who scurries around a maze stealing fruit while being hunted by spiders. The ant walks up to the fruit and disappears. You can then move the fruit slowly back to your lair. If the spider is in hot pursuit, you can drop the fruit and escape more quickly. The spider cannot get you in your lair.

There are eight skill levels and playing areas which control the number of spiders and complexity of the maze.

Two people can play, and then not only must you avoid spiders but also try and grab the fruit before your opponent does.

You begin each game with three lives but it is possible to gain more. Score for each player and the highest score are displayed.

Screen display is excellent. I particularly liked the marauding spiders. I had no problems loading the game and the instructions are sufficient.

Playing this gave me a lot of laughs and I shall certainly be playing many more times.


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