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Home Computing Weekly

Cimeeon Moon
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

A 3D graphic adventure set in space. You are in an alien slaveship and are at last freed from your cell. Your object is to leave the ship. The crew has disappeared but there are Fembots' roaming around whose aim is to prevent you from escaping. An assortment of objects have been left behind. You must discover those you need as you search the levels and chambers.

Movement is by the arrow keys. There are several commands, most of which can be reduced to a single letter.

Most of my travels have so far ended in rooms I cannot leave as the door is locked - most frustrating.

Graphics are fairly pleasant and the cassette is well-presented in a video-type box. The booklet of instructions is adequate.

If you enjoy frustrating adventures you may find this to your taste. I must confess that I abandoned hope after begin trapped in a locked room for the umpteenth time. It will be a long time before I try again.


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