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Home Computing Weekly

Castle Adventure
By Virgin Games
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

An adventure game written in Basic, set in and around an old castle.

As the hero, your quest is to recover the staff of Gamrorh and to return to the safety of the drawbridge, which is where the game begins.

There are more than 120 locations and over 100 objects to examine, so the inlay claims. I'll have to take its word for that.

Several clues are contained on the insert, which also tells you thal you can go N, S, E, W, UP and DOWN. After that, you are on your own to discover what actions are permitted.

As with most adventures, the game is text-only.

There are some unusual objects to be found as you wander through the castle, and a variety of nasty ends prevent you from fulfilling your objective.

Some of the comments made me smile, but others got on my nerves. I played the adventure many limes, and was disappointed to find that the various objects were always in the same places.

Having played many other adventure games, I found this one lacking comparison, chiefly because there is no random element.

I would not therefore recommend it to a dedicated adventure game player.


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