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Home Computing Weekly

Breakout/Middle Kingdom
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

Breakout is a machine code version of the arcade game. You must try to keep the ball in play while knocking out bricks from a descending wall. You can use a joystick or keys to control the bat. There are five skill levels and a high-score chart. A very enjoyable game which loaded with no problems.

The second game is also in machine code and is a graphic advenure game. At the start you choose the skill level and the speed at which messages are to be displayed on the screen.

The object is to return magic rings to the sanctuary to become the ruler of middle kingdom. You must search the catacombs, temple and pyramid before your strength runs out. Many evil beings live here and they must be defeated. Scattered objects will help you in your quest.

The main display is a bird's eye view of the part of the building you are in. Movement is controlled by the arrow keys.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure game. Both games are very entertaining.


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