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Home Computing Weekly

Seven Cities Of Gold
By Electronic Arts
Commodore 64/128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

Exploration and trading are well used elements in adventure simulation games. This game is the best I have seen of this genre. This package is only available on disc because of the fact that a huge data base is utilised to give a complex game.

You play the part of a sea captain who has been sponsored by the king to travel afar, conquer new lands and acquire gold. You are given an initial sum of money and with this a fleet of ships is manned and provisioned. You also carry a supply of goods for trade.

The game is essentially graphical with a small window showing the plan view of your progress. As your ship sails along, you see land masses which you may explore. On landing you must select a team to explore and decide on the provisions and goods they carry. Once they are on land, the map scrolls to show new areas. When you enter a village the graphics zoom in to show your dealings with the natives. Such transactions need much care if you don't want to start a war!

The graphics are excellent with the map shown in great detail. Since the map is disc based, its size is mind boggling. When you have acquired sufficient gold you return to port where, depending on your performance, you may acquire further funds for another voyage.

Overall, a complex and enjoyable game which is slick and attractive. Even at the price it's good value.