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Red Arrows
By Database
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #124

Getting bored with your run of the mill flight simulator? Tired of burying your jumbo in the runway? If these comments apply to you then it's about time that you tried this flight simulator with a difference. Just slip into the cockpit of your British Aerospace Hawk and take your place alongside the famous Red Arrows display team.

As you cannot be expected to fly in formation with the Red Arrows without tuition the practice option is extensive. Apart from flying solo you are given the option of practising any of the four display manoeuvres. Should this still prove difficult the computer can display messages telling you when to increase/decrease thrust, roll left/right, and climb or dive. It will even steer the plane thus allowing you to concentrate on controlling the thrust, or vice versa.

The screen display is split into halves. The top window is the cockpit view, through this you can observe the rest of the team vanishing into the distance. If you are quick off the mark at the beginning of the manoeuvre you can even fly up someone's tail end!

The bottom window displays instruments and also a squiggly line drawn in red, this represents the manoeuvre to be flown. Slowly moving around this red line is a white one, this is your flight path. I used it to show me which corners I could cut in order to catch up with the rest of the team!

This is one of the best flight simulators to be released in a long time. Red eight to red leader... red eight to red leader, wait for me!!!!


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