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Highway Encounter
By Vortex
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #133

The aliens have landed! Original what? Having conquered the rest of the world they have set out along the last great highway to world domination. Why they are travelling by road I don't exactly know, but it's the basis of a great game.

You are what is known as a "main vortron", a type of dalek. You must take your merry band of droids (auto vortons) down this road.jiefeat the 'oncoming aliens, and destroy the enemy stronghold. This fortress can only be destroyed by using that ultra powerful weapon, the vorton. The vorton may be incredibly powerful but it hasn't got much of a range. It is for this reason that you and your metal buddies must push the vorton all the way to the enemy camp.

The road is littered with oil drums, pillars, and hovering mines, all of which make pushing a vorton a pretty tricky business. Especially when the droids you are working with are a little lacking in' the old logic banks. They line up behind the vorton and push, they only push in a straight line, and they only stop when they hit an immovable object or you stand In front of them. Should you have to rush off and destroy a few aliens they carryon without you, and get shot to bits! Defending your auto vortons is of the utmost importance as they are your replacements should you be terminated.

The graphics are three dimensional, complex, and very Sinclair Spectrum. Fortunately on this occasion the last factor did not detract from the game's playability, it's a stunner!


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