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Frank 'N Stein
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #116

Dr. Stein's monster has gone to pieces and he requires your help in locating his various little parts, scattered around the laboratory.

Frank 'N Stein is a game of ladders and levels with several of the monster's parts embedded in the floor on each level. Also embedded in the floor are a number of giant springs. Your normal movements are left and right except when standing on a spring, when a quick dab at the fire button will propel you skywards to the level above.

On the first level your progress is hindered by the presence of a large boot, hypodermic syringe, and tank. Contact with any of these items results in the loss of one of your three lives. All the monsters limbs must be collected in the correct order, working from the head down. As each part is acquired it appears at the top of the screen encased in some weird and wonderful device. Having constructed your creation, all that is required is to nick the switch and give him life.

On subsequent screens the monster joins in the fun by hurling huge cannon balls in your direction, usually with uncanny accuracy. The cassette card claims that the quicker you construct the monster the less aggressive he will be on the higher levels.

A competent program but I can't see it being the monster hit of 1985.


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