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By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #125

Airwolf is a computer game which is based on the popular TV series of the same name. Your mission is to rescue five US scientists who are being held hostage deep within a subterranean base in the Arizona desert.

You must guide Airwolf on a tortuous twisting route through the base. The base is scattered with defence shields through which you must blast your way. As if these didn't provide sufficient hinderance you must avoid the rotating radar dishes, the killer droids, and fly through tunnels which are no wider than Airwolf itself.

Essentially Airwolf is a variant on the "Scramble" variety of arcade game, but is far superior to any of its predecessors. The theme tune from the TV series is played in stereo throughout the game. Loving care and attention has been paid to both the background and character designs. These are drawn in glorious colour and incredible detail.


The game can only be used in conjunction with a joystick. Airwolf reacts instantly to any slight movement of the stick, which can be quite a problem when negotiating the narrow sections.

As the game begins, five emblems are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each time you come into contact with a wall there is a nasty grating noise and one of the emblems is erased. Run out of emblems and your billion dollar chopper goes up in smoke - I hope it's covered by fully-comprehensive insurance.

I thought the game was excellent yet my wife was disappointed. She thought a copy of Jean Michael Vincent, the star of the show, should have been provided with the game.


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