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Grand Prix Rally 2
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #125

This program is one of the first motor racing games to be released for the Amstrad computer. Sat behind the wheel of your powerful rally car, you tear around ten different circuits at break neck speed.

The circuits provided all have differing characteristics, these include rain, fog, ice, darkness, deserts, bridges. All of which have varying effects upon the performance of your car.

Control is via the joystick, with steering and braking being the only controls available. There are no gears and acceleration occurs automatically.

Grand Prix Rally 2

The roads are drawn with perspective going into the screen, the effect of movement being provided by a flashing striped edge to the road. The circuits are constructed of straights and bends of differing severity. Some bends require you to brake quite heavily if you are to stay on the road. On many of the circuits you can actually get two wheels on the grass verge and overtake a car. Try the same manoeuvre on the bridge circuit and you had better be a good swimmer.

Should you tire of the ten circuits that are provided you can create your own race tracks using the in-built editor. These can then be saved to tape for use at a later date.

Graphically the game is very good, the cars are huge, the scenery is detailed; it is such a pity that you have so little control over the car. If they had provided gears and an accelerator the game would have been much better. J.R.


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