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Boulder Dash
By Mirrorsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #131

Guide Rockwell through a series of sixteen different caves collecting jewels as you go. Heard it all before? Don't you believe it, Mirrorsoft have taken this well worn theme and turned it into a sure fire winner called" Boulder Dash".

Rockwell is a lillie beetle-type character who inhabits caves, these contain a mixture of sand and boulders. Rockwell can bury quite happily through the sand, leaving a tunnel as he goes. Burying under a boulder causes it to fall into the newly formed tunnel. If the boulder had been at the bottom of a large pile of rocks then the chances are that our little buddy would create a landslide.

By now you should be beginning to get the idea that all is not as straightforward as you may have imagined.

Boulder Dash

There are a set number of jewels present on each screen, these must all be collected before you can exit to the next screen. Quite often the jewels will be in close proximity to a precarious looking pile of rocks. How to negotiate these, or even cause them to fall in the opposite direction, is the essence of the game.

The rocks all fall in accordance with set laws, the collapse of a massive pile of boulders is a joy to watch. Another example of the attention to detail is the impatience of the hero. Dawdle for more than a second or two and he stands there. hands on hips. tapping his foot.

This game has received a higher accolade than any HCW rating, my wife is crazy about it!


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