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Sorcery Plus
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #131

Hands up all of you who thought that Sorcery was going to be the number one game of 1985. Well you're all wrong because it has just been ousted from that number one slot by another program, Sorcery Plus!!

The evil Necromancer (Boo... Hiss!) has imprisoned nine of your fellow sorcerers in his nasty castle. You must release them.

To describe Sorcery as an arcade adventure is nothing short of criminal. When compared to Sorcery's graphics, every other game pales into significance. Sorcery Plus is better still!

Sorcery Plus

The first thing I should tell you is that Sorcery Plus is only available on disc. It won't be released on tape as it relies upon things known as disc overlays to make this new version much larger than before. As you move between rooms the drive whirrs for a fraction of a second as new data is loaded into the computer.

There are now 47 screens to negotiate whilst searching for the sorcerers, who incidentally are in new locations. Having completed this mammoth task you must then scour a further 27 screens in search of the necromancer himself!

Some of the new locations are even more breathtaking than the originals. There is also a new set of baddies, an excellent demo mode. and the facility to save your high score for posterity should you get amongst the all time greats.

You may have thought Sorcery was good, but Sorcery plus is the best reason I can think of for buying a disc drive.


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