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Defend Or Die
By Alligata
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

Earth is being invaded by aliens, whose aim is to abduct your fellow human beings. At the helm of your trusty starfighter you skim the planet's surface picking off the alien craft as they kidnap your comrades and head for outer space.

Even when an alien has a human in his grasp, all is not lost. One clean shot between the eyes will dispatch the green meanie, but it will also leave the human to fall to his death. Using every last ounce of your flying skills you intercept the man in mid air and return him safely to the ground, gaining 1,000 points in the process.

The scrolling action that has become the trade mark of Defender is executed impeccably, and the characters are identical to the originals. One of the Alligata's own trademarks is the excellent use of the Amstrad's stereo sound capabilities when used with a stereo amplifier. The dog dived for cover every time my starfighter unleashed a volley of electric death at the alien hordes.

If there was ever a program that you should buy for your Amstrad then it has to be this one.


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