Home Computing Weekly

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Author: M.W.
Publisher: Commodore
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

No, this is not a compendium of those games which have hit the software charts but an addition to Commodore's Music Maker . The package consists of a cassette and book. The book con tams the music for twelve well known classical works, and the cassette has all that is needed for those pieces to be played on your Commodore 64. In addition, there are options included m the program for you to play along with the computer.

. Among the options available is Concert mode. In this the computer will run through its repertoire. My children loved this part as they listened and tried to spot the music from TV adverts. Another option is Single Key Mode - which allows the user to play along by Just tapping out a rhythm on one key.

Rehearsal mode eases you through a selected piece on screen, a finger points at the note and waits for you to play before moving on to the next note. This caused much hilarity among the family as I played The Hungarian Dance at my speed and was rewarded at appropriate intervals with mtncate accompaniments.

. The program can be used with the Music Maker Keyboard overlay but this is not essential as included in the accompanying leaflet are instructions as to which computer keys to use.

Overall, this is a fun package.

It won't turn you into a concert pianist overnight, but if like me, you enjoy music and have never mastered an instrument, It may give you hours of fun and a sense of achievement as you play The Toreador's Song or Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.


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