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Home Computing Weekly

Mystic Mansion
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

This program is billed as a graphical adventure with arcade elements. This is a tolerably accurate description and the concept is quite novel.

You control a ghost searching a 60 room mansion for 40 treasures. The rooms are on ten levels and you can choose any. You must start at level one for a maximum score. There are 15 skill settings.

Each room is shown in simple plan and presents a problem to solve, from the shooting of aliens to the solving of logic problems. The ghost can mutate into objects like a spade, gun or torch to help in certain situations. At the base of each map is a clue sometimes giving the solution. Often access to rooms will depend on success in another room.

Time in the rooms is subject to a varying limit depending on the problem. Exceed your time and you lose a life.

The graphics are fair with minimal use of sound. The problems should give hours of frustration, but when solved, the game will have questionable value.