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Home Computing Weekly

Time Trucker
By A.S.K.
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

This game has the advantage of being educational as well as being fun. You are a truck driver collecting produce from farms and delivering it to a depot.

There are three different games on the cassette. In the first you log your arrival time (displayed on the screen by means of an analogue clock), on to a digital display, Only then can you pick up your order. A completed order at the depot earns a bonus.

In the second you don't have to log in but the farms open and close at certain times and you plan your route accordingly.

The third has the aggravation that the farms only open for 15 minute periods.

You choose from three levels of difficulty. In the first you use the map in the booklet, second has a secret map and the third has road blocks on the secret map.

Overall this is a good package incorporating time skills training with an entertaining game. At trucker and super trucker levels a partner was desirable to help work out the best routes. It needs a joystick.