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Home Computing Weekly

Olympic Challenge
By Century City
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

If this program had its true name, it would be Olympic Decathalon, for this is not just a whole range of sports for you to try from your armchair, but a challenge based upon the completion of all ten sports, one after another.

I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about this type of game, but I suppose it could be fun with four players.

The big drawback is that you're always competing on your own. The graphics show only your situation even on track events, and this is poor because it makes it difficult to measure progress. It is well known that competition spurs the athlete on to higher things, so why shouldn't it apply here?

The graphics are strange, to say the least; the 100 metre runner looks bowlegged. The instructions aren't clear and, as they are only available on the screen, you cannot check them in the middle of an event. Not the best Olympic program that I have ever seen.


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