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Graphics And Sound Toolkit
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #59

Contains 25 machine code routines giving scrolls: up, down, right, left by character or pixel; screen "dissolve"; character rotation, reflection or upside-down; box-fill with character or attribute; attribute change without CLS; screen invert; screen-fill with random pixels or colours; screen flash; border stripes and flashes; and several sound aids.

A demo program loads with the toolkit, breakable for study and erasable, allowing initial practice with routines. For practical work, provision is made to copy toolkit without demo.

Instructions include: demo listing with REM headings on routine used; list of routines with USR call address, POKEs necessary and demo line reference for study; manual with simple explanations and sample programs. In principle, excellent but missing string/hash symbols with some address misprints. Box-fill example gave problems with window size and crashed program but worked OK on a reload.

It takes 2K of relocatable memory, allowing other utilities to be used at the same time. It must be present in programs but author only requires acknowledgement.

A useful package with very nice effects.


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