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Home Computing Weekly

By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

A souped-up version of the old arcade favourite Centipede. But rather than blasting a centipede you are in combat with convoys of Earth's deadliest adversaries: The Vogons. Successive waves of the creatures, strung together in their convoys, hurtle towards you and must be destroyed using the firepower of your shuttle craft.

The Vogon convoys snake their way down from the top, changing direction if they encounter an asteroid and splitting in two if you zap them in the middle. If that's not enough, additional hazards - Chargers, Crushers and Crawlers - appear as the game progresses.

Choice of keys to control the shuttle is adequate but I would have preferred the left square bracket to the colon key to control upward movement. Joystick option is available and sound on/off is useful.

Although the Teddy Bears' Picnic ditty is amusing initially, it does seem inappropriate and tends to wear thin. Another minor criticism is the lack of a hall of fame.

As a variation on an old theme, this program stands up well and is certainly fun to play.


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