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Home Computing Weekly

Language Tutor
By Rainbow Research
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

It's difficult to find anything good to say about this language tutor. The program allows the entry of English words with foreign language equivalents, from the keyboard or cassette, subsequently testing the user.

Two sheets of instructions, aimed at both Atom and BBC users, give only a general description of the program. However, the cassette insert confidently states: "Rainbow software is designed to be... robust in usage." It's a pity this program wasn't.

After considerable effort, the program eventually loaded, with an immediate request to enter a language. The main menu was then displayed, but my easlier entry of "Portuguese" made a couple of lines too wide for the screen, resulting in a messy display - sloppy programming!

I then selected option 2 to enter words from the keyboard. In response to "How Many?" I was amazed when my entry of 30,000 was coolly accepted. However, the program crashed out on the 51st entry with a subscript error - sloppy programming again!

The program was littered with other loopholes and deficiencies.


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