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Number Painter
By A.S.K.
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

Going a long way towards smoothing the awkward relationship between arcade games and educational software, this program aims to improve your speed at mental arithmetic.

With a self test option, the main section consists of a game using a screen covered in ladders and girders, along which painters have to be guided to reach numbers and numeric operators. A target figure is displayed at the top of the screen, along with a continuously updated total.

Your efforts are timed on a clock in the shape of a bucket of paint. This is hauled up the side of the screen on a rope, and spilled all over the display if you run out of time.

Written for children aged from five to 14 years, there are 48 different levels of play available.

Initially choosing Mr. Plod who walks to work, will quickly accustom you to the rules of play. You move on to Mr. Speedy as and when the self test results show an improvement in numeracy.

A pleasing screen display makes this a lighthearted way of learning an otherwise notoriously difficult subject.


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